How To Switch Careers Into The Cannabis Industry In 2021

It’s no longer a secret that the cannabis industry is headed for the skies. More states are joining the fray in the legalization of marijuana use. Not only that, but new technologies aimed at improving cannabis growth are also mushrooming by the day. Thus expect a massive increase in the industry, which would eventually attract handsome paychecks. Indeed, you also want a piece of the cake.

However, the big question is: how can you switch your career into this promising sector? Here we take a look at five tips that can enable you to change careers into the CBD industry in 2021, given the prospects. Let’s dig in:

1.  Revamp Your Resume to a More Functional Composition

First things fast, the CBD industry is a fast-growing sector that hasn’t been fully exploited. Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most folks—even CEOs don’t have complete knowledge regarding its ins and outs. So, to get a head start in the field, your CV should focus more on personal strengths and skills and less on employment history. Your potential employer would certainly way that to measure your abilities in this unknown territory.

As such, adapting your resume in a functional format would enable you to stand out from the crowd. For instance, you can utilize the following outline to develop your resume:

  1. Personal information – Provide your name and contacts, as well as other identification details.
  2. Professional summary statement – Give a short description that describes your qualities, experience, and skills.
  3. Relevant skills – Offer the necessary skills pertaining to the job you’re applying for.
  4. Professional experience/work history – Provide information regarding your previous professional roles.
  5. Education – Shed some light on your academic achievements

This format differs from the chronological composition since it places your relevant skills before work history. Thus, it provides essential information first.

2. Network With The Relevant People In The Sector

Apart from having the necessary knowledge and insight regarding the industry, networking is crucial. According to topresume, the most connected individuals are often the most successful. When a person invests in their relationships, personal and professional, it can pay them back throughout their career.

Having an excellent network can help you stay up to speed with the latest trends within the CBD tincture industry, develop and improve your skillset. And, more importantly, it enables you to keep in touch with the job market. Also, you might get a lucky employee referral to your dream job. To obtain a meaningful network, you may have to venture out, as well as be proactive. For instance, participate in the local cannabis meetings happening around your area.

These would enable you to interact with leaders and staff from world-leading CBD companies such as Sunday Scaries CBD, Hybrid among others. To forge new relationships that would open more doors concerning your career change needs.

3. Understand the Sector

Of equal importance is to get familiar with the Cannabis industry as it comprises different sectors of equal importance. For example, the research and development, science, cultivation, manufacturing, lobbying, packaging, and legal areas. These will enable you to determine your area of interest. As well as portray you as knowledgeable concerning the cannabis industry.

Through your favorite search engine, you can research enough information about these different areas. Even better, search for CBD unique job boards and placement agencies to determine what is required in the field. The more you seek relevant knowledge, the more objectively you’ll understand the companies associated with CBD products. And what to ask when looking for the right match for your skills.

4. Get Proper Know-how Regarding Cannabis Jargon And Policies

As it is with everything else, being on the right side at the right can make a difference. And in this context, get to know the correct cannabis jargon. What to use and what not to in an interview scenario. For instance, will you refer to it as Cannabis, grass, reefer, weed, pot, or Marijuana? Such an understanding can save your day. For example, some jargon like “Marijuana”– a Mexican slang for Cannabis–can remind the panel about a past that saw its prohibition (the 1930s).

It’s advisable to stick to the term Cannabis when handling interview questions. Moreover, try and familiarize yourself with the history of Cannabis and the use of its jargon just like you’d do with any other industry. Likewise, gaining an understanding concerning Cannabis regulations can fortify your chances of acing that job. They constitute a vital component in the sector’s human resources, accounting, and marketing departments. Flaunting know-how regarding them in your resume or talk can give you a competitive edge.

   5. Consider Relocating

Since Marijuana is still a growing industry, the chances are that you may find yourself in a state that has not yet legalized its use. Or has zoning bottlenecks even if it is allowed, which might offer limited job opportunities. Therefore, you need to position yourself in a place where the cannabis industry is active. This way, you’ll find a job or increase the chances of finding one.

That said, you may have to consider the following things:

  • The new cost of living – Lookup at the transportation, rent, and food costs in the prospective area to get an overview of what to expect.
  • The weather conditions of the place you want to move to – These can be critical if you experience health difficulties when exposed to specific elements.
  • Your relationship – If married, consider the needs of your spouse and young ones for a healthy union.

6.  Be Professional

Like any business out there, the cannabis industry requires professionalism. You need to be at the top of the game in matters to do with your character, presentation, and sense of duty, among other essential things. To groom yourself, attend a few marijuana business conferences and seminars where you’ll get firsthand knowledge on how to handle yourself in the industry and how cannabis companies operate.

These will go a long way to ensure that you behave yourself during the interview sessions and in the real job if given. 

Final Thoughts

Landing a job opportunity in the CBD sector may seem like a daunting task. However, if you use the strategies mentioned above, finding yourself in an exciting and evolving cannabis career will not come as a surprise.