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How Can I Avoid Getting The Flu?

Antiviral medication for influenza can scale back severe complications and deaths though influenza viruses can develop resistance to the medicine. The greatest approach to avoid getting the flu is to get the flu vaccine yearly. Influenza viruses evolve constantly, and twice a 12 months WHO makes recommendations to update the vaccine compositions. For the northern hemisphere influenza season, the vaccine formulation was updated in February 2016 to comprise two kind A viruses , and a type B virus.

In distinction, COVID-19 could current with slower onset of sickness, delicate headache and body ache and gentle/absent fever. The influenza vaccine protects people in opposition to the influenza virus and the frequent issues of this infection. Each yr, a brand new vaccine containing the three most typical strains of circulating influenza viruses is produced. It’s important for people at higher risk of creating a severe illness or well being problems from influenza …